March 22, 2023


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Jhamela – Embroilment l Musical Movie | Hindi l Pawa l Award Winner l TIFF MFF Cannes Film Festival

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Jhamela – 1 Hour Hindi Musical Movie
Musical Film by Pawa
Director: Pawa
Producer: Pawa
Star Cast: Pawa, Preetika Chauhan, Harshita Panwar
Written By: Pawa
Music By: Pawa
Cinematography: Dinesh Patel
Edited By: Sanjay Jaiswal
Production Company: Smiling Soul Studios
Executive Director- Amarendra Kumar
Line Producer-Sanjay Barai (Guddu)

Jhamela-Embroilment is a heart touching musical story of a simple and innocent rural youngster who is a talented folk artist of Jalsa trying to make it big in the modern urban world.
It is groundbreaking concept in the world of modern entertainment.It takes you to a musical journey which is breathtakingly refreshing.Its freshness originates from the heavy dashes of folk music which is the highlight of the movie.

The movie Jhamela is conceptualized by Pawa who incidentally happens to be the producer, director actor and last but not the least the music composer of this movie.
It’s a sincere heartfelt attempt to bring fore the forgotten world of folk music to this modern world.
Pawa’s previous experience of a successful spiritual album Sambuddha came handy while producing this movie.The story has autobiographical shades of Pawa’s own childhood experiences and that gives the movie the realistic touch.

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